Process Simulation
Heat & Material Balance
Utility Requirement
P&IDs & UFDs
Equipment List
Data Sheets
Safety Analysis Functional Evaluation (SAFE) Charts
Operating Philosophy
Vendor Technical Data

Equipment Specifications
Equipment Skid Layouts
Equipment Skeleton Drawing
Equipment Mountings
Equipment Weights
Pressure Vessels & Tanks
Noise Testing

Plot Plan
Piping Material Specification
Piping Flexibility and Vibration Analyses
Pipeline List
Specialty Items
Tie-in Point Schedule
Equipment Layout
Piping Details & Isometrics
Pipe Supports
Bill of Materials
Clean and Test Procedure

Loss Prevention Philosophy
HAZID(Hazard Identification)
HAZOP(Hazard & Operability)
What-If Analysis
Consequence Analysis
Fire Risk Analysis
Fault Tree Analysis
QRA(Quantitative Risk Analysis)
SIL(Safety Integrity Level)
Fire Protection: Suppression & Prevention
Hazardous Area Classification
Fire & Gas Detection
EMP(Environmental Management Plan)