Tidal power generation is possible for weir at power plant or waterway channel through which water flow has almost uniform one-way velocity at all times of a year. For collecting this type of hydro kinetic energy, the pilot tidal power generation system of 20kW was installed and successfully tested in the weir of Samcheonpo power plant at 2009 by Ocean Space Inc. as follows:
Turbine Diameter Material Max. Power Coefficient
2.58m Blade-FRP
Generator Type Output Gear Ratio RPM
PMSG 20kW 1:10 600rpm
System Power Conversion Converter+PWM Inverter
Load Thermal 20kW
Structure &
Steel Structure - Emergency Uplift System
- Repair Cart
- Future Plan of Weir System
- Condition : Width of Weir 30m, Water Depth 4m, Turbine Diameter 2.58m
- Number of Installations : Transverse 6~7sets × Longitudinal 15rows = Total 98sets
- Prediction of Output Power
Flow Velocity(㎧) 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5
Power of 1set(kW) 0.12 0.96 3.25 7.71 15.06 26.03 41.23
Power of 1row
(kW, 1row=7sets)
0.84 6.72 22.75 53.97 105.42 182.21 289.31
Total Power
(kW, 98sets)
11.76 94.08 318.5 755.58 1,475.88 2,550.94 4,050.34
Tidal power generation system can be explicitly predictable and optimally designed based on the rated flow velocity. West and south sea in Korea have many favorable places for tidal generation due to high tidal variation. To verify the efficiency of the developed system, the prototype of 100kW was installed and tested at Geumo-sudo of Yeosu by Ocean Space Inc. in 2010. The blade pitch was changed for 0°~180° in order for the turbine to operate in both tidal directions. All components of the system were assembled on land, therefore, the procedure of installation could be simplified and completed within 3 days only.
Turbine Diameter Material Max. Power Coefficient
8.0m Blade-FRP
Generator Type Output Gear Ratio RPM
PMSG 100kW 1:45 900rpm
System Power Conversion Converter+PWM Inverter
Control Pitch Control System &
Monitoring on Land by Wireless Communication
Structure &
Steel Structure & Pontoon +
Tension Leg Wire +
Concrete Anchor
- Uplift Winch System
- Top Deck(10m×13m)
- Underwater Generator & Natural Cooling
- Stable Power Generation in High Efficiency
- Three Blade Horizontal Axis Turbine
- Blade Pitch Control System
- MPPT Converter Control System
- Monitoring System on Land by Wireless Communication
- Floating Structure with Tension Leg Mooring
- Pump Ballast System for Easy Installation
- Uplift Winch System for Easy Maintenance