Computer Software : ARIANE 3D & HYDROSTAR
Intact and damaged stability for all drafts corresponding to loading conditions
Revised and updated whenever the weight control report shows significant
    changes in the estimated weight, weight distribution or the estimated LCG
    and VCG

Computer Software : ARIANE 3D & HYDROSTAR
3D-diffraction/radiation method with the hull modeled by panels
Significant and the most probable extreme motions and accelerations
    for various return period storm

Turret Mooring System
Marine System Design
Riser Porch Design
On-Vessel Mooring System Design
Off-Vessel Mooring System Design
Mooring Analysis
    - Computer Software: ARIANE 3D & HYDROSTAR
    - Complete Time Domain analyses for intact, damaged and transient case
    - Fatigue analysis inclusive of critical interconnecting components
    - Mooring installation analyses